Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mom's Pinteresting Cakes

I went to pick Oliver up at school a week and a half ago, and his teacher (Miss Amanda) told me she pinned his lunch on Pinterest. 

THIS is my sign that I've made it as a mother: 
(Note, I don't follow her on Pinterest, so this is the photo I took, not her pin).

Green day at school for St. Patrick's Day!
(bottom, counter clockwise: grapes, apple, applesauce, pickle, peas, buttered bagel (food coloring), key lime pie yogurt and Naked green juice). 
So, what this made me think of (plus comments from two friends who attended Oliver's birthday parties this year and last) was that my mother's cakes NEED to be all over Pinterest. Because they're SO amazing. She's made a wedding cakes, countless birthday cakes for us kids, but the last two she's made are absolutely out of this world.  

This year, Oliver's theme was "things that move." Found a great set of plates/cups/napkins on party pail (here!) to use, and my mom totally ran with it. Here are a few pictures of the party: O trying to blow out the candles, the tables, followed by the stellar cake. 

2013 - Oliver turns TWO!
(Marzipan figures, the 'rocks' are candy, all on homemade ice cream cake!)
Last year, for Oliver's first birthday, we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Found TONS of great supplies online (Eric Carle Museum!) and made the cards for each food while I had nothing better to do. (I went back to work a week later.) We had all the foods mentioned in the book - perhaps the most coordinated birthday theme ever. (Not taking credit one bit). 

2012 - Oliver turns ONE!
(All of the food pieces were hand painted!!!!)

AMAZING.  Please repin!!!!!!

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