Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's not often that I think of a GENIUS idea.

So today's brilliance calls for a blog post. Sure I've been running here and there... and I've returned to work, and gone on vacation again but nothing may be as life-changing as what I decided to do tonight. 

I bought one of these nifty Munchkin brand feeders when Oliver was about 8 or 9 months old.  (Target sells them - see here). I used to put berries, bananas, grapes, or anything too big into the mesh. Oliver could gnaw at it until tiny pieces came through the mesh for him to eat. I put frozen mango into it when his molars were coming in and that worked wonders. 

Backtrack.... Miles had his 4.5 month check-up this morning. Weighing in at 17lbs (75%ile) and 26.5" (90%ile), the kid is growing steadily and as both grandmas predicted... not-so-little man is teething. 

We've been battling with tethers all day. The fridge ones 'wear out' pretty quickly, and the freezer ones are just too darn cold. SofieGiraffe works for a while - until the dog comes to steal her away. What else to do? Hmmm.

Two bottom teeth moving their way upwards combined with two upper thigh vaccinations led to a pretty cranky young man come 5pm. So, I thought about that mesh thing... and whether or not I could put anything cold in it for him. What's the only thing he can have these days? Yep. So, I hit up the freezer stash, and let a small (2.5oz) baggie thaw for a few minutes before cutting/chiseling off a small slush/ice cube. After slipping it into the mesh part and locking it up, Miles was able to tuck in and probably consumed an ounce or so. Plus he seemed REALLY comfortable!

It's cut-able!

Easy to hold and gnaw.

A look inside before snapping the top on!

What a nice treat, mom!

That feels so nice and refreshing on my teeth!

Daddy helping out.
 I suppose despite the hand-me-downs (yes, he's wearing a Thanksgiving shirt in March, so what?) this is one of those (AWESOME) times when it pays to be a second child. Because mom sometimes has her you know what together and figures out pretty cool things. WIN!

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