Wednesday, October 28, 2015

That time...

I've been MIA for a LONG time on this. I could pile on the excuses (work, parenting, moving, contributing to FCMB...) but we all need a break sometimes.  Don't think I was missed terribly :)

I might or might not document my upcoming winter training. Or any training that I end up doing between now and April. I am NOT a winter runner. (Unless you count a turkey trot and an occasional 3-4 miler on the dreadmill.) I much prefer vegging on Netflix and walking up those big stair machines at the gym.

But here's the thing I am MOST proud of since my last post in January:

I said I thought I was ready for another full. And I did it. I signed up in March, began seriously training when I stopped nursing in April and found a new running group when we moved in June. 

Saturday, October 10th I ran a 3:40:12 marathon and felt amazing. To read the post I wrote on Fairfield County Moms Blog, click here.

I don't think a BQ is in the near future. I was 5:00 away from a qualifying time but would probably need to run 7-8:00 faster to get in. Perhaps this is one time when aging up will be to my advantage.

Here's to taking a break and seeing what comes next...

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