Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My favorite things.

Think of Oprah's "Favorite Things" show, except I'm not giving these things away. Yet. Maybe next year?Wishful thinking!

Here is a collection of the best running-related gifts I have received, bought myself, or would gladly accept, that would make excellent holiday gifts! If you'd like to send a subtle (or not so subtle!) hint, just leave this page open and hope your significant other wanders by and takes what you're throwing. Or don't worry about being discreet and just email the post link :)

Under $10: Wright Socks 

Under $10: Body Glide
(some larger sizes are more than $10)
Great lots. Stocking stuffer, perhaps? Not the most romantic of gifts. Practical, yes.

Under $20: Road ID Slim
This is a great (and practical!) gift for anyone, especially a runner or cyclist.
The bracelet clips on, and is customizable with your name, address, phone number, emergency contacts, or whatever information you want to include. Road ID also makes anklets, shoe pouches, and other designs. Ben bought me the above ID in pink two years ago, and I loved it - while it still had the correct address!

Oliver had this blue onesie, size 3-6 months was a bit ambitious. CafePress has TONS of cute, customizable stuff - tshirts, mugs, stickers, etc.

(different brands and models range from $8.95 to upwards of $30)
I've given these "sleevies" to both Meredith and my sister, Amie, as birthday gifts - well-received (unless they're lying to me...). I have a pair of white ones, and have gotten a LOT of use out of them. These arm warmers are great for runs that begin a lot colder, and then warm up. Having done 16+ mile runs in North Carolina, this was a weekly affair. Instead of having to deal with tangled headphones or removing a long-sleeved shirt (especially while pushing a stroller), these sleeves just slip off and are much easier to store. I really don't like running with a shirt tied around my waist, or having to stop and put it under my stroller, and these are so much less bulkier than anything else. I wore them (and took them off) during Hartford. Plus, you look really intense wearing them. I'm still not tough enough to wear tye-dye or neon green ones. Maybe someday in the future...

Under $50: Sterling Silver Marathon Necklace

I love this necklace, its simplicity, and subtlety. It's a more discreet version of the 26.2 bumper sticker. They also come in half marathon models, as well as charms, bracelets and the likes.  Here is my other favorite:  (for after I do another full (?) next fall)

Under $50: BOB Single Snack Tray
This is a snack tray built for my stroller that is out of stock, and has been for as long as I've looked for it on every web site possible. If someone finds a new one somewhere, please tell me! This would make life a lot less messy and keep the vacuum in the closet a bit more :)

I bought one of these, having adored Nike tennis skirts for years. I LOVE it. I've tried many running skirts, but the fit of this is just the best. The spandex under are just long enough, there's a zip pocket on the back, and is very durable (I wash it at least once a week).  Also have the above in a nice shade of magenta.

Under $150: Tshirt Quilt

If you don't run for the t-shirts, this is a great way to keep all of your race day shirts without having them in your drawer taking up space. Although prices range, I've found that they begin around $125+.  Keep in mind they take a few weeks to put together, unless you're crafty enough to do it on your own! (I made one of my college tennis and sorority tshirts).

 Under $200:  Garmin Forerunner 305

My mom bought this watch for me maybe three years ago, and I absolutely love it. In fact, except for when it's being charged, it has a permanent home wrapped around my stroller.  I know that I haven't done nearly half of what I can do with it, and the software that comes with it, but I'm hoping to in the near future. I've played around with it a little bit, and you can see your runs on a map, as well as chart things like your heart rate, pace, and elevation on top of each other - to see how they affect each other. Pretty cool!

I LOVE this stroller. It's amazing. Plain and simple. There are tons of sites you can order from, but I've found that is most often the cheapest for things like strollers, car seats, high chairs, and other big ticket items. (Kristin - get yours here!)

There's also something to be said for iTunes gift cards, in any denomination.  They come with an automatic 'get out of jail free' card for purchases of Britney Spears, JLo, Pitbull and anything put out in the 80s or 90s. 

Does anyone have any favorites to add to this? Let me know and I'll put 'em up!

Happy gifting and run, run, mum!


  1. I have ordered a quilt from
    Beverly makes amazing quilts for a great price. She can use the little pieces on the front in addition to the large graphics on the back. & I really like your blog.

  2. Hi Deb! Thanks and thanks! I'm going to save a bunch of Oliver's shirts to make one. Good to hear the review! Hope all is well :)