Sunday, April 8, 2012

12 Reasons I run...

During my AWESOME 12 mile run today (recap to come later today, or later this week....) I was thinking about all of the reasons I run. With a little assistance, I came up with this list. Any more to add?

Reason #12 -  I run, because the only feeling better than the one you get DURING a run ("runners high") is the feeling when you're done. And stretching. And about to shower it all off.

Reason #11 - I run, because I get to listen to guilt-free and judgment-free music. Thank you, Pitbull, David Guetta, and Jennifer Lopez. 
Reason #10 - I run, because as my sister Amie once said, "spandex is a privledge, not a right." And I enjoy wearing spandex. (I believe leggings qualify here, and leggings are super comfortable - and semi-work appropriate, especially where I currently work - yesssss!) 

Reason # 9 - I run, because there's an unexplainable and powerful feeling you get when running across a highway overpass.  Watching the cars and trucks speed by is such a unique feeling.

Reason #8 - I run, because I like wearing shorts.  Not "short shorts", but I like a good pair of shorts in the summer, and running makes everyone's legs look better.

Reason #7 - I run, because I enjoy the looks I get from people driving by. I love the looks I get from people sitting in McDonalds as I run by them, even more.

Reason # 6 - I run, because it makes getting dressed in the morning a little less stressful. Running makes you think about, and feel, parts of your legs, shins, ankles, abs, arms, and hops that you don't really think about a lot.

Reason #5 - I run, so I don't feel TOO guilty polishing off the pint of Junior Mint Turkey Hill ice cream. That may or may not be happening as I type this.... 

Reason #4 - I run, because I LOVE the salt residue above your eyebrows after a long run. 

Reason #3 - I run, because as a competitive college athlete, I need a goal or race on the calendar to train for. Even if I'm competing against myself or a previous PR, I need that fire. 

Reason #2 - I run, because he (below) is learning how to. And I need to keep up. Or try to. For now. 

Reason #1 - I run, because it makes me a more patient person, teacher and most importantly, a more patient Mum. 

*Side note - I have been a terrible blogger - it's been pretty hard to keep up with everything. I was sick for 2 weeks (pink eye and strep) and missed two long runs. With work, and trying to find a full-time job for next year, blogging has taken a back seat. SORRY! I'm on break this week and will likely try to play catch-up!*

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  1. GREAT Post Julie!! I love it. Very inspiring. My favorite is of course the guilt free music - I'm right with you sister!