Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Trot Take Two!

(Say that ten times fast.)

O and I ran this race last year, but we did the three mile race. This year, we did the 5.2.  Rye (NY) Recreation puts on the race, and it's pretty good for a small race. We run on streets, through a park, up over a curb (stroller friendly, allegedly), and by some pretty beautiful houses. Sadly, a number of them (and the Playland boardwalk) were pretty badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. It was a race that the SS run club trained for, and it was GREAT to see some running buds who I haven't seen in a while. They all ROCKED their respective races, without strollers, with strollers, and even two with doubles! Yeah!

It was a very chilly morning, but little man was AWESOME about wearing his hat and gloves during the race. Lately, this has been quite the battle. We arrived pretty early, registered on site (Only $15 day of!) and played a little bit on the playground before bundling up. Oliver was entertained for the whole 46 minutes, watching police cars, trucks, dogs (there was a Paws walk beforehand so tons of "doggies!" were around), and talking to people. Instead of Thursday's comments, Oliver chose to say "I see you!" and "Buh-bye!" as we passed a few people. Great.

We were the second stroller, grrr, but I suppose that losing out to a Dad who competed in Ironman Hawaii isn't too shameful.

We kept up an 8:52 pace, which I'm fairly content with. Would've liked to break 45:00, but there's always next year. Although, he'll be heavier by then...

What I learned today is that I do NOT drink enough water before, during, or after a race. Thanks to two Motrin, I'm feeling normal. But I really need to get better about this.

Happy post-Thanksgiving turkey trotting straight into the Christmukah season!

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