Friday, September 13, 2013

6 weeks to go!

Somehow, we only have about six short weeks left until we meet P2. That's what I've been calling him seeing as that might end up being his name the way we're going... 

We've been back to work for about a week and a half. Which means a few things for us. It means getting up at 4:45am (yes, I'm still crazy), in turn going to bed at 9:00pm. It means packed lunches and snacks. It means trying not to feel exhausted from 5-8pm. It means that for 10 hours a day I can't wear yoga pants. It means trying to make the most of our weekends. It means not having a whole lot of "free" time and feeling like I do laundry all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Lots of black. And stripes. And more black. (Sorry Mer!)
(Thank you to my little sister for the hand-me-up green sweater!)

"Go purple shirts!" - Oliver watching Auntie play FH last weekend.
How far along: 32.5 weeks
Baby info: 4.5 lbs, 19in. Size of a HONEYDEW. WOAH.
Total weight gain: Haven't been to the doctor in a few weeks and I am NOT getting on my scale at home. It'll all come off. Eventually. Right?
Maternity clothes: Yes and still (!) no. I'm wearing a dress shirt from Old Navy today, just unbuttoned from the sternum down. It doesn't look horrendous? 
Sleep: Pillow between the knees, but still not fantastic. 
Best moment of this week: A happy surprise for B plus getting really sweet, thoughtful emails from parents after curriculum night. I was SO worried about being so pregnant, but I'm feeling pretty supported and valued. Yay!
Miss anything: Still - deli meat, sushi, I think that's about it.
Food cravings: Gatorade. Egg salad. Pizza. Caesar salad. French fries. String cheese. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really? Maybe the smell of 6th grade students after recess? 
Have you started to show yet: Yep. Totally.
Gender: Still a boy!
Looking forward to: Sunday we're headed to the Manning Bowl aka the Broncos/Giants game. Best husband ever.

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  1. You LOOK amazing and anything you happend to gain (where?) will come off because you are awesome! Can't wait to meet Baby P!!!