Thursday, September 26, 2013

32 day countdown...

Four weeks from Monday (or sooner) Oliver will have a baby brother. What? I'm slightly terrified about just how soon it is.... yikes! Lots to do... (see list)

34 and 35 week outfits. 
Lots of black. Scarves. Layers.

#1 - black maternity skinny pants - H&M, plaid maternity tunic - Target, white Old Navy cardigan, brown DSW boots. 
#2 - purple maternity dress and black maternity leggings - Destination Maternity (2010)
#3 - brown dress pants - Destination Maternity (2010), white ribbed tank - Target, navy Old Navy cardigan (non-maternity) and orange scarf (Fleming-Reid wedding!) plus Broncos earrings :) 
#4 - white long sleeved maternity shirt (rouched sides) - Destination Maternity (2010), brown sweater tee (non-maternity) - Kohls, black skinny pants - H&M (fans)
#5 - black maternity dress - Target, striped sweater (non-maternity) Kohls.

To do list:
- get bassinet from Gigi's house
- pack hospital bag
- take hospital tour
- buy Oliver present from baby
- get Mamaroo from awesome friend
- buy and assemble new glider/rocker
- install old car seat bases
- put together double stroller
- order double stroller snack tray/car seat adaptor
- finish planning November (for sub)

And, oh yeah... FIGURE OUT A NAME. (touchy subject). Suggestions welcome. 


  1. James

    Ok, those last two are taken already! I love the classics. Can't go wrong.