Sunday, October 13, 2013

Full term... Hospital bag

37 weeks. Fully cooked. I guess that warrants packing the hospital bag, yes? Okay. Fine. 

I'd like to think this time around that I'm packing a bit better.... we will see.
(Disclaimer: there are some not-so-glamorous items here.)

The whole shebang. [See below for more detail.]
Only packing for myself and baby - B will come home in the evenings to do dinner/bed/breakfast with O and make sure that everything is as normal as possible for him. Until it hits the fan. 

My bag. Unpacked. 
Contents of my bag: 
- slippers
- two outfits (PJ pants with comfortable waist bands, warm, fuzzy socks, underwear with no top seams, nursing tank, nursing bra, robe or wrap sweater)
- cell phone and charger
- camera batteries and charger (camera was taking the photo - obviously)
- shield (very useful last time)
- makeup/shampoo/deodorant bag (for that one glorious shower)
- pads, nursing pads (glamour)
(computer/ipad will eventually make it in there...)

Baby's stuff. 
Contents of baby's bag: 
- coming home outfit (left) - the same one Oliver wore. Onesie, one piece button up, hat, hand mittens (to avoid scratching)
- two other outfits that include onesie and swaddle (one velcro and one wrap-up), hand mittens and hat 
- pacifier (now with self-sanitizing box!) that was photographed with my stuff
- size 1 diapers (they look SOOOOO teeny!)
- sensitive wipes (we love Target brand)

The car seat bases will go in this week, once I have my car majorly cleaned. We've had so many generous and kind friends help us with some items we've needed. Between the stroller adaptor (thanks, Claire!) and the MamaRoo (thanks, Jess!) or the glider (thanks, Jodie!) - I feel pretty set on this one. My mom is picking up the extra camera for our monitor although he'll be in the bassinet in our room for a few months... 

37 week outfits (two work, one gym)
Can't wait to box up the maternity clothes. 

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