Saturday, May 18, 2013

15 weeks!

15 Down, 23/24 to go!

The pants on the left are my absolute favorite Old Navy pants. The rockstar super skinnies (HERE) that are surprisingly flattering. Even at this point. I picked up three pairs in January when they first (?) came out - red cord, grey cord and yellow cotton. These blue ones (a size up) were on sale for $19! 

The pink maternity pants were a great find at H&M last week! They have a fold over top which will end up being great this summer. (Tutoring at school with no A/C!) I can still get away without maternity clothes for the time being - but these were such a fun color I wanted to try them out!  

We'll see how far into this week I get without spilling the beans. It's getting harder and harder to get dressed in the morning, especially as the mercury is rising. No longer can I really pull of scarves or cardigans!  I (no exaggeration here) tried on twelve different outfits on Friday morning. Stress!

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