Monday, May 27, 2013

16 weeks, another 5K in the books, and Oliver's first race!

Best twenty seconds EVER!

16 weeks and counting. (More Old Navy outfits, a dress down day and one gym outfit
A highlight of this week was absolutely the Memorial Day race held in nearby South Salem, NY. I ran the 10K last year (holy hills!) and managed the 5K this year. Meredith came to visit all the way from Pittsburgh and we rocked out some pretty decent 'rolling hills' at a nice 9:12/mi pace. (Not sure my heart rate or 'Green Pear' could've handled much faster than that.)

As much as I loved my own race, the best part was how excited Oliver was to run his own race! Although he could have handled a good quarter (or half!) mile, he enjoyed running once he saw the other kids heading out. He ended up coming in third (Ben was keeping track!) and he wore his (humongous!) race shirt all afternoon. His bib and blue ribbon are hanging up on his wall right where he can see them. 

Soulmate comes to CT/NY!

Oliver lined up with all of the other two year olds ready to go!
(His buddy, Scott, is the second from right)

A not-so-bad family photo. 


 ...and I told my class about Green Pear, they're super excited so I'll get to wear what I want to work from now on - no hiding the belly! WOO HOO!

...five months from tomorrow is our scheduled date. WOAH. 

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