Sunday, May 12, 2013

5K recap!

5K? Check!
(15 weeks)

Kerry, Bethann, moi, Kate, Jen.
Race recap:
8:42/mile average
19/103 division 
162/1280 overall 

It was a little chilly at the start, so I started off with my sleevies on. They ended up folded into my (awesome!) pink pants around the 1.5 mile mark. I forgot my iPod (doh!) so I rocked the Pandora Pitbull radio station on my iPhone. Luckily the ads (in Spanish) came on going downhill. Score! 

I really do miss running with friends - even friends who get nervous with me running alongside them :) Today I needed to hear "I thought you said you were pregnant!" after a coworker made a nasty remark on Friday about it being "umm.... pretty obvious at this point." Running always makes me feel wonderful, and I'm hoping to keep it up even longer than last time! 

Oh yeah - Happy Mother's Day! Especially to my three (!) wonderful moms, and my amazing friends/family who are going to become moms in the next few months - love you!

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