Saturday, June 1, 2013

17 weeks and Gender Predictor Fun!

17 weeks and it's getting warmer out!
You know all of those wive's tales about what gender you're having? Well seeing as my class (and others, for that matter) have been guessing Green Pear's gender, so why shouldn't we? :) 

Carrying high or low? Low. Boy. (Or is that because it's the second time?)
HR: Above 140. Girl.
Cravings? Sweet. Girl.
Chinese Chart: Girl.  (Try it here. It also said Oliver was a girl. Ha.)
Drano test: Blue. Boy.
Odd/Even numbers: Both odd (2013, 29). Girl.
Skin? Not breaking out. Boy.
First trimester sickness? Nope! None! Hallelujah! Boy.
Hair growth? Not noticeably different (weird one). Girl. 
Husband's siblings? One sister, no brothers. Girl. 
Feet temperature? Warmer than before - but is that just the weather? Girl.
Nose size? Um I don't think it's changed? Boy. 

We will find out in about three weeks. Not sure if I can wait that long! AH! 

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