Monday, December 9, 2013

(Our Elf) Sammy Christmas

Last year (post-Christmas) I bought an Elf. This year, he 'arrived' at our house the day after Thanksgiving and I was pretty curious how Oliver would react. Here's a recap of Sammy's activities each morning. 

Day 1 - Oliver loved the story! 
Day 1 - He's been counting down the days!

Day 2 - Making snowmen
Day 2 - Marshmallows still taste good with Sharpie on them (yuck!)
Day 2 - What a nice note from Sammy!

Day 3 - Doing a puzzle with Elmo.

Day 4 - Hiding in the flowers from Clare.

Day 5 - Going for a ride!

Day 6 - Having fun with family pictures!

Day 7 - Rolling around in some TP.
Day 8 - Making some snow angels with Norman.

Day 9 - Underwearing the tree!

Day 9 - Sammy is encouraging potty training. Maybe?
Day 10 - Sending a message.
Day 10 - ...or else!
Day 10 - There was only ONE "V" in the whole box so Sammy couldn't spell "BEHAVE" and "OLIVER"

Day 11 - Think about the TRACTOR....
(The Hess truck and tractor that Oliver has been saying he wants Santa to bring him). 
Day 11 - Bribery? Incentives? 

Stay tuned for the rest of Sammy's antics! 

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