Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Turkey Trotting...

I did a local (free!!) 5K last Thursday as my 'triumphant' return to running.  Well intentioned to push the double with both boys, when I woke up the weather report looked like this: 

The "feels like 14" part got me.

Yeah. A one month old doesn't need to be in a stroller baring that weather. Especially without a weather shield. So, I prepped (ahem, pumped) a bottle (which Oliver is strangely fascinated with watching...) to leave with Ben and the in-laws before heading down to meet some friends at the race. 

We got to hang inside for a little bit and Oliver got to run around and race himself. (He was SUPER proud when someone complimented his pace and form, although I think he was only concerned with the pace comment.) Luckily, when we headed out - the course was perfect to maintain O's attention. It was a double loop of a course that included running along the docks (boats! lighthouse! seagulls!) and an active construction site (digger! skid steer! grater!). He was great about keeping his hat and gloves on, bundled into the JJCole. 

My running buddy.
Having had a C-section a month ago, my main goal was to not walk. My doctor cleared me for full exercise (except abdominal work) at 3 weeks, and having gone to Stroller Strides a few times I felt like I could run the whole thing. We ended up finishing in 28:40 which was pretty good considering the lack of training. Plus turkey trots are great for alleviating the guilt of a piece of my mom's amazing pumpkin cheesecake...  

Mile 1 - 9:20
Mile 2 - 9:17
Mile 3 - 9:02

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