Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another fun post.

(Dad, sorry, again. Maybe there will be one for you to read next week.)

We bought an extra fridge/freezer combo on Black Friday. It's the FIRST Black Friday purchase I've EVER made. Ever. And I'm glad we did it. Because THIS is what it looks like now:

- Costco bag of chicken breasts
- Costco bag of sockeye salmon filets
- Costco bag of tilapia loins
- Breast milk galore 
- Tupperware of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins 
(for an easy on-the-go breakfast)

When Oliver was an infant, I pumped 3-4x a day on the opposite side from feeding him. It got complicated to maneuver all of the parts while feeding him... I didn't yield a whole lot... and I think the noise put him to sleep most days.

I had to pump in the hospital this go 'round. After dealing with ice packs, it was the only way - much to the chagrin of the lactation consultants. She said NEEEEVER pump within the first three or four weeks let alone give the baby a bottle! Lady, I needed to relieve the pain. I was drowning the poor kid.

Here's an average day for us:
(much improved from infant #1)

7:00 both boys wake up. (Usually O is up first, comes into our room, and M is up shortly thereafter.)
7-7:30 make breakfast and lunch for O.  Bubble guppies or PAW Patrol on the tv or iPad.
7:30-7:45ish nurse Miles while Oliver is eating breakfast. (Usually just one side.)
8:00-8:10 pump (both), label and freeze.
8:10-8:30 get boys and self dressed and packed for the day.
8:30 leave the house, drop O off at daycare and head to Stroller Strides.
(M usually falls asleep on one of these two rides and stays asleep for his first nap).
9:00-10:00 (on good days, 9:45 on others) work out - yay!
10:00-10:20 nurse both sides briefly (I call this his mid-morning snack)
10:20-10:30 get coffee (decaf) and head home
11:00 shower, do laundry, straighten up (mostly putting away Oliver's cars), take out dishes, etc.
11:45/12 nurse (both) and pump
12:30-2 nap #2

The afternoons are a bit up in the air, depending on how the other naps go. Then 4-8pm is a shot in the dark. Miles is not a huge napper when Oliver is at home. Geeeeee.... I wonder why. Poor baby.

But I usually "bank" about 7oz per day between the two. I try to keep them in separate freezer bags, and occasionally leave one in the fridge if I know I'll need it. Example, Sundays I go to the gym during Oliver's nap and leave Ben a bottle to give to Miles so on Sundays, the first pump gets refrigerated for the afternoon.

Here's how it's all organized:

This is so when I go back to work, it will be easier to either 'top up' the bottles I pump at work or to take out a bigger bag to make a bottle in and of itself.

Here are the generally accepted guidelines for storing and using breastmilk in case anyone is curious! 

My suggestions would be to stay consistent. Initially, you might not pump a whole lot. Your body will adjust. The first few weeks I only yielded 2 or 3 oz (combined on both sides), but now I'm used to it and have upped the amount considerably. I don't give myself a day "off", not even on weekends. I will skip a pump if I think Miles is going through a growth spurt and needs the additional calories.

I've experimented with pumping before feeding and it seems to help sometimes, assuming I get the timing right and he's not ready immediately. Not only am I more comfortable, but the kid doesn't drown or gag and it seems to result in less gas. This has been especially helpful this week when his nose has been blocked. Darn boogers.

Am I forgetting any other suggestions?

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