Sunday, January 8, 2012

Training Plan!

Here's my (tentative) training plan for the next few months. After reviewing three or four different 'suggested' training plans, I modified them to meet our needs. I can't really run 4-5 times a week, that's just not do-able.  I also just don't like to build on long runs, I enjoyed the three up, one back, mileage increase that Meredith and I did in preparation for the '09 MCM.  I based it off of a book (Here!) entitled "Four Months to a Four Hour Marathon" and it got me to within seven minutes (!) of my goal time. I tried to mimic the patterns, and I will most likely do the Thursday runs for speed, hills (if I can do them pre-wake-up time), or tempo runs. We will see.
I've already put in my cross training for the first week of this year, and will continue to do so. I like to keep track of it, especially when it comes to off days and yoga/pilates.
The ability to stick with this running plan will obviously depend a lot on the weather, whether I can get a membership (relatively inexpensively) to use the Rec Center or local Y once or twice a week (early morning or after bed time), and how O and I are both feeling on a weekly basis. I might add a few miles if it's beautiful out, and I'd be fine with cutting a few out here or there as well. As I'm learning, this whole "mum" thing is about flexibility. So don't hold me to this schedule, okay? :)

[You can click on each month to view a larger version in which you can actually read the mileages]

Where do you get your training plans from? Do you plot out your routes the night before?  Or do you just head out and see where the run takes you?

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