Sunday, January 12, 2014

7 (yes, SEVEN!) mile run

Somehow (!) we managed a seven mile run this morning, although we were only aiming for 5-6. 

I met up with five awesome mommas (three with strollers) at Greenwich Point and we rocked our first group run. It was a general consensus that we each ran way farther than we intended, or than we would have alone. This is an example of when the "mob mentality" can be beneficial. 

My GPS watch ran out of batteries about a half mile into the run… fantastic… so, without iPod or pace monitor - we ran. We chatted and we ran. A firm believer in a good song to ramp up the running, it's sometimes nice to take a break from tuning out. As moms, we share some common experiences and it was really refreshing to talk about things that other friends might consider TMI (hence why I will not reference them here).  I didn't take any pictures, although I should have snapped one of the group before we each headed our own ways… here are some photos of the same route two years ago (Christmas trees and all) - it's definitely an old faithful.

Here's the training plan I'll be using: 
 I've found it best to do a three up/one back plan for long runs so I build but have light weeks to recover. That's what worked last time (even though that was two (gasp!) years ago. 

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